Yellow Rat Snake

Scientific Name: Elaphe Obsoleta Quadrivittata

Yellow Rat Snake

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The Yellow Rat Snake is so named after its yellow countenance. This subspecies along with the Black, the Everglades and the Gray Rat snakes share many features and are sometimes crossbred to heighten or diminish certain features. They have a long life span of between seventeen to twenty years. The Yellow Rat Snake is a big snake and varies from the original eighteen inches when they are young to around seventy-two inches. The color may look anything between orange and olive green. Although this may be absent at birth, the snake develops four distinct dark stripes that start from head to tail as it matures.

Yellow Rat Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Yellow Rat Snake

Facts About Yellow Rat Snakes

Geographic Location

South Carolina boasts a significant presence of the Yellow Rat Snake. They are also widely present in Florida and North Carolina. They are also found in the Atlantic coast off Georgia.


These snakes prefer warm surroundings and may be found in many southern swampy areas. The search for warmth may lead them to live in barns as well abandoned buildings.


Majorities of Yellow Rat Snakes are shy this, will hide most of the time. They are quite slow movers and freeze rather than run when they sense danger. They are very active at night as opposed to the day. They may bite but are non-venomous. They are also good climbers.


The Yellow Rat Snake normally lays its eggs mostly in rotten logs during the summer. The eggs normally four to twenty eight hatch after about a period of eighty days.


The Yellow Rat Snake has to be maintained at a comfortable temperature. It is also advisable that they are handled calmly. It is essential that they have water constantly and fed on rats, birds, eggs or small mammals. Climbing branches should be provided and the substrate should have hiding spaces. The cage should be spacious enough.

Yellow Rat Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.