Argentine Boa

Scientific Name: Boa Occidentalis

Argentine Boa

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The Argentine Boa, a native of Argentina and Paraguay, is a common snake species. It goes by Argentine Boa as its common name. An additional common name unique to the species is Argentine Boa Constrictor. Scientifically it is known as Boa constrictor occidentalis. Several other subspecies have been recognised apart from the Argentine Boa.  At maturity, the male Argentine Boa constrictor measures about eight feet in length. Females on the other hand tend to be larger and measure about ten to twelve feet in length. The color pattern of this snake is a combination of brown or black background color with white or lighter and darker colors. It usually sports a grey belly and a dark line running from the neck to the snouts tip and from the eyes to the eyes to the neck. Their young ones come with a pink hue that darkens as they develop.

Argentine Boas Are Beautiful Creatures

Argentine Boa

Facts About Argentine Boas

Geographic Location

The Argentine Boa can be found in Uruguay and Argentina. Some members exist in Bolivia as well.


The Argentine Boa Constrictor favours wet forests but can sometimes be found in the scrub forests and grasslands. Some members of this species reside in rocky slopes as well.


The Argentine Boa is a nocturnal snake. It is carnivorous in nature and feeds on small animals and birds. These snakes are very active and usually climb on trees in the wild. This species is relatively docile in nature but can become aggressive when frightened or nervous. These snakes love soaking in water as well. It is also known to hiss when frightened.


Reproduction for the Argentine Boa happens in the months of June and July when they bring forth ten to forty live young ones after undergoing copulation in late fall up to early spring.


Since they are active, Argentine Boas need to have branches in their cages for climbing in captivity. They can make good pets, as they are easy to keep.

Argentine Boa
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