Pueblan Milksnake

Scientific Name: Lampropeltis Triangulum Campbelli

Pueblan Milksnake

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The Pueblan milksnake is well liked for its great color variation, docile and non-venomous nature, which are aspects that make it the ideal as a pet snake. The average Pueblan milksnake is a small snake species that measures nine inches long as hatchling but can grow to reach twenty eight to thirty six inches long. This species is also renowned for its wide array of bright colors. It has black, red and white bands.

Pueblan Milksnakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Pueblan Milksnake

Facts About Pueblan Milksnakes

Geographic Location

The Pueblan milksnake is a native of Mexico and is common in such states as Morelos, Puebla and Oaxaca.


The Pueblan milk snake prefers temperatures that are above 65F while conditions beyond 85F are likely to make it uncomfortable.


Although they rarely bite they are always prone to panic and a flighty nature more so when handled for the first time. This panic could easily lead it to react by releasing excrete that has a pungent smell. After several days of handling it will become more docile hence its appeal as a pet snake.


The female Pueblan milksnake usually lays eggs that hatch in two months after copulation. This is preceded by a brumation or hibernation period when the snake prepares itself for ovulation. During this process which lasts for three to four months, temperatures must be maintained at between ten to fifteen degrees. A warming period then follows when temperatures should be at 25-30 degrees Celsius.


Pet snake lovers will find this species quite adaptive though they have to exercise caution on temperature control as well as food. Tree branches will add value to the vivarium. The surface should be kept moist and should also provide hiding spaces as this snake is quite shy. Mouse pinkies are a favorite for a Pueblan milksnake starting with very small helpings for hatchlings that gradually increase with age.

Pueblan Milksnake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.