Florida Kingsnake

Scientific Name: Lampropelitis Getulla Floridana

Florida Kingsnake

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The Florida Kingsnake is scientifically referred to as the Lampropelitis getulla floridana. The snakes activity patterns are affected by the varying climatic conditions, which affects the breeding patterns of the reptile. The snake is immune to other snakes venom. Consequently, the Florida King snake can eat other snake species with ease and does this by constricting them first.The body length of a Florida Kingsnake ranges between 38 to 48 inches in adults. The longest snake on record measured 69.5 inches. The snakes coloration varies from a dull yellow color to a deep brown. Aged snakes have tighter chain like cross bands, while the younger snakes have darker cross bands. They have a variety of color patterns and are famous for their tail flustering tendencies.

Florida Kingsnakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Florida Kingsnake

Facts About Florida Kingsnakes

Geographic Location

The snake is found in North America from south New Jersey to East Florida, the snake population in this area has slowly declined over the years mainly due to human activity. This is further worsened by the lack of an appropriate conservation law against the hunting and capturing of theflorida kingsnake large Florida kingsnake.


The snakes natural habitat is in burrows but it can survive in a wide range of habitats including woodlands, marshes and sugarcane fields.


The Florida King snake is a solitary snake that is active during the day. It feeds on other snakes, lizards, frogs, bird eggs and rodents. Young king snakes are aggressive but this wares off, as they get accustomed to being handled especially when in captivity.


The usual breeding season of the Florida King snake is between March and June of each year. The female lays three to thirty eggs. On hatching, the newborns measures five to eight inches.


The Florida kingsnake does well in captivity. It is easy to tame, eats well and has a mild temperament makes. In addition, the snake is gentle, docile and inquisitive and rarely bites. The snake is not venomous and is safe for children.

Florida Kingsnake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.