Variable Kingsnake

Scientific Name: Lampropeltis Mexicana

Variable Kingsnake

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The variable Kingsnake is found in Galeana Mexico. Its scientific name is Lampropeltis mexicana, which is part of the Lampropeltis species. They appear in three different colors as the name suggests. The various colors vary with the stage of growth and the sex of the snake. The variable Kingsnake resembles the grey banded Kingsnake while it is at the leonis stage of growth. A fully-grown snake is between two to three feet. They do not like high temperatures. They hide when the weather is hot. They can live for more than 20 years though most of them live between 10 and 20 years.

Variable Kingsnakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Variable Kingsnake

Facts About Variable Kingsnakes

Geographic Location

They are found around Tamaulipas in Mexico.


It is found in most arid and semi-arid areas. They can also be kept as pets at home.


They are aggressive when hungry and feed on rodents like mice that are around them. An adult snake can eat once between 7 “ 10 days. They are sensitive to cleanliness and they avoid living near their fecal matter. Kingsnakes appreciate being handled daily but one should wash their hands before and after handling them.


There are three different phases of growth, which are the milksnake phase, the black phase and the leonis phase. The eggs can be kept on a carpet, on bark pine shavings, on aspen shavings. The bedding should be deep enough to allow enough warmth.


The variable Kingsnake can survive well in captivity. However, they should have the basic arid conditions of the natural environs to make them comfortable. A hiding space too is ideal since they are withdrawn snakes. Adult variable Kingsnakes can be kept in a gallon. This is because the bigger the snake, the more space it requires. Avoid caging them where they access direct sunlight. They can easily escape.

Variable Kingsnake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.