Sumatran Blood Python

Scientific Name: Python Curtus Curtus

Sumatran Blood Python

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Suratram Blood Python is a reptile under the species of blood pythons found in the swampy regions of Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra. It is a beautiful snake with changing color of the skin as it matures right from hatching. It is commonly known as blood python identifying with the other reptiles in its subspecies. Currently, because of its beautiful skin pigment and color used in leather market, it is among the endangered species of snakes. A typical Suratram Blood Python has an average length of 54″-78″. It can weight between 40 to 45 pounds. The females are larger than their male counterparts are. The head is usually longer and broader than the neck. It spends most of its life living under water especially those in the wild. It forms an ideal pet but tends to be dangerous when captured. The majority of those living in captivity are usually docile. Wild blood pythons living in close proximity to human settlements tend to be hazardous due to their hunting tendencies, which they achieve by crawling into homesteads. Suratram Blood Python has curved fangs that resemble those of venomous reptiles indicating that they were once poisonous. It has two large sensitive heat-sensing organs in the upper lips to detect prey. It feeds mainly on rats.

Sumatran Blood Pythons Are Beautiful Creatures

Sumatran Blood Python

Facts About Sumatran Blood Pythons

Geographic Location

It is mainly found in the swampy regions of Malaysia, parts of Sumatra, and Borneo. Some species are available in different tropical and temperate regions under captivity as pets.


It occurs comfortably in poorly drained area, low forested regions especially hills and in swamps.


Due to the size of the Suratram Blood Python, it is often docile and friendly if well trained. Occasionally, it gets wild and temperamental.


A female Suratram Blood Python lays an average of a dozen large eggs. It coils around the eggs to provide warmth for incubation. Hatchlings occur between two and three months and measure about 12 inches in length.


Sumatran Blood Python
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.