Borneo Blood Python

Scientific Name: Python Curtus

Borneo Blood Python

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The Borneo Blood Python is a non venomous python species native to the Island of Borneo. It is known as Python curtus scientifically and commonly as Borneo Blood Python. Other common names for this python species are short-tailed python, short python, black blood python, Sumatran blood python and Sumatran short-tailed python. These snakes come in different colors. Currently there are three subspecies of this snake species and they include the P. c. breitensteini, P. c. brongersmai, and P. c. curtus.The Borneo Blood Python is not as large as the other python species. The average length of this snake is between four and six feet. A number of members of this species measure about seven feet in length as well. Males are most often smaller than the females. Borneo Blood Pythons are very stout in build and have short tails that are relative to their overall length. Although some members have different colors, most of them have a tan, beige or greyish- brown color of the ground overlaid with brick or blood red blotches.

Borneo Blood Pythons Are Beautiful Creatures

Borneo Blood Python

Facts About Borneo Blood Pythons

Geographic Location

The Borneo Blood Python can be found in South East Asia, in Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Borneo Island.


Borneo Blood Pythons that live in the wild prefer swamps, marshes, streams and riverbanks in rain forests.


The characteristics of the Borneo Blood Python differ from one snake to another. Some member snakes are placid and docile while others, especially the large and those captured in the wild, which are mature, are often nervous which makes them quite aggressive. However, if one acquires and starts handling one when still young, they become friendly as they grow up. These snakes are also extremely strong. They are carnivorous and feed on small mammals like rodents, birds and guinea pigs while in captivity.


Borneo Blood Pythons become sexually active between the second and fourth years after birth. They breed between the months of November and March when in Captivity. Oviparous, females of the Borneo Blood Python species normally lay about eight to thirty eggs. The eggs, which are usually incubated at relatively high temperatures of between eighty-eight and ninety degrees Fahrenheit, which hatch after seventy to eighty days. The hatchlings length normally measures thirty centimetres.


If one is looking for a snake they can keep for long period, then the Borneo Blood Python is a prime candidate as it has a life span of twenty-five years. Adult Borneo Blood snakes inflict painful bites and they should not be kept in households with children. Snake keepers that are only starting out in the field are also not encouraged to keep this type of python, as they are aggressive and unpredictable.

Borneo Blood Python
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