Dione’s Rat Snake

Scientific Name: Elaphe Dione

Dione’s Rat Snake

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Scientifically known as Elaphe Dione, the Dione’s Rat Snake is non-venomous rat snake that one is likely to find in Eastern Europe, Far East Russia and some other parts of Asia. Common names unique to this snake are Steppes Rat Snake and Dione’s Rat snake. A few subspecies of this snake have been recognized. Adult Dione’s Rat Snakes are generally not very big, the males have a length of sixty to seventy centimeters while the females, which are normally bigger, measure one hundred and twenty centimeters. Some people have reported of one hundred and seventy long members of this species.

Dione’s Rat Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Dione’s Rat Snake

Facts About Dione’s Rat Snakes

Geographic Location

The Dione’s Rat snake is endemic to Eastern China, Eastern Europe, North Korea, South Korea and Far East Asia. Some members can be found in South Ukraine as well. This snake has the biggest range of distribution among the Elaphe species.


This species of Rat snakes are very flexible when it comes to habitats. They could exist in steppe areas as well as in very wet areas. These snakes can live in any habitat within the geographic range they subsist.


Dione’s Rat snakes are not aggressive; infact, they have a very gentle disposition. The snake exhibits very curious, diurnal tendencies. They rattle their tails whenever they are agitated and tend to flee when faced with danger. They like hiding and are mainly terrestrial save for the ones found in China. Members that live in the wild prey on small animals. Those in captivity are fed on thawed mice.


Female Dione Rat Snakes are oviparous and lay large eggs that come in smack clutches after a short incubation period. Their hatchlings are normally stockier and shorter than those of the other snakes are. Hatchlings feed on newborn mice.


In captivity, these snakes can make good pets, as they are very docile. However, they become flighty when excited and can run away.

Dione’s Rat Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.