Snow Corn Snake

Scientific Name: Elaphe Guttata

Snow Corn Snake

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Although most people take the snow coloration of this snake as a consequence of a recessive gene,the color of the Snow Corn Snake, (Elaphe guttata), shows anerythristic amelanism. This means it lacks the capacity to produce both black and red pigments. Nevertheless, the variety of coloration is fascinating. Striped corns, blizzard corns without markings, green spot corns with green saddles, rose corns with pink saddles and xanthic butter-corn. In the wild, this snake feeds on small mammals, frogs and fish. They have a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years.

Snow Corn Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Snow Corn Snake

Facts About Snow Corn Snakes

Geographic Location

This stretches from Louisiana to the South of Florida and southern New Jersey.


This snake prefers damp habitats for example fields and bamboo forests.


This snake lives in isolation for example in bamboo forests, deciduous forests and bushy margins. They have a very versatile metabolism that snow cornsnake largeallows them to operate at low blood and oxygen levels.


The Snow Corn Snake is oviparous, breeding readily. Producing a typical clutch has four to twelve eggs. After hatching, they remain in their shells for several days before acclimatizing to their new environment. Probe sexing is the best way of ascertaining the sex of a snake.


This snake does not feed when temperatures are low. Consequently, its enclosure must be kept warm. A twenty or twenty five-gallon cage offer enough space. It is important to provide a bowl of water large enough for it coil into. Adequate lighting and sufficient ventilation are important elements. A diet of mice serves it well. Nevertheless, adult mice can kill this snake. Prekilled mice and frozen-thawed mice offer an efficient solution to this problem. If not thawed completely, the food may result in regurgitation thus harming the snake. It exhibits very mild temperament, thus it is easy to breed and care for. Snow Corn Snakes make it a candidate for a good pet.

Snow Corn Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.