Boelens Python

Scientific Name: Liasis Boeleni

Boelens Python

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The Boelen’s python, also commonly known as the black python is one of the most important python species in the world. Found predominantly in New Guinea, this species is a large python that is now very rare such that it is a protected species. The Boelen’s python has a fascinating appearance with its shy temperament and apparent intelligent nature when compared to other snakes. They can grow as long as twelve feet with an increased width along the body. They are normally black in color although they may have faint yellow stripes along the body.

Boelen’s Pythons Are Beautiful Creatures

Boelens Python

Facts About Boelen’s Pythons

Geographic Location

The boelen python is a native of New Guinea. Efforts to relocate them to other parts of the world have been unsuccessful probably because ideal conditions needed for their survival are not present.


The Boelen’s python inhabit forested areas. This is despite the fact that most of these pythons live on rocky mountain floors.


The boelen python is a gentle snake although it will attempt to bite when threatened. However, hiding is always a better option for them. They also avoid bright areas and are mostly nocturnal.


Breeding a boelen python is any pet owner’s nightmare since one can hardly get the female python to produce eggs after mating. The hatchlings are normally long, sixteen to twenty inches which is the size of many other adult snake species. Black pythons will normally take four to five years to reach their adult stage.


Boelen’s pythons are an extremely rare species of snake, thus acquiring one is difficult. They should therefore be treated cautiously and handled less. Their affinity to rocky areas calls for an appropriate area they can hide and dig. Branches must also be provided as they like climbing. Large rats, guinea pigs and some birds provide perfect food for the boelen python. A bowl of water should always be available.

Boelens Python
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.