Candy Corn

Scientific Name: Elaphe Guttata Guttata

Candy Corn

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Commonly known as the Corn snake, or Common Corn Snake, but also called the Red Rat Snake. The Candy Corn Snake is less aggressive and smaller as compared to other subspecies. Adults regularly measure in at five feet in length, and in captivity, live to thirty years. The name corn snake came from the fact that this snake regularly hunts small rodents in cornfields. Adults regularly measure four to six feet in length, or about 1.2 to 1.8 meters. These snakes are not venomous. The features of the common corn snake include brown-orange scales, with saddles of orange“red being bordered by black borders. The underbelly is white and black.

Candy Corns Are Beautiful Creatures

Candy Corn

Facts About Candy Corns

Geographic Location

Generally found in the central states of America, and all through the southeastern areas. Also found in sections of Mexico.


Habitats preferred by the Corn Snake include abandoned farms, cornfields, buildings that are seldom used, forest openings, and overgrown fields. In the winter months, Corn Snakes are known to hibernate, while in warmer regions they shelter in logs and rock crevices, coming out to enjoy the sun’s warmth.


In their natural habitat, Corn Snakes exhibit night activity and secretive tendencies during the day, by hiding beneath logs, rocks, along with other waste. Corn Snakes, along with the other Rat Snakes, share their primary diet, which are small rodents. Since they are also proficient climbers, birds eggs, and birds are also fed on. In captivity, pink mice dominate their diets.


A month or so after mating, egg laying occurs, with between twelve and twenty four eggs being laid. Ten weeks after, the infant snakes emerge, measuring around five inches in length.


These snakes are ideal as beginner snake keeping pets, for their even temperament, robustness, and ease of care. Being popularly captive bred, healthy specimens abound.

Candy Corn
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.