Dumeril Boa

Scientific Name: Boa Dumerili

Dumeril Boa

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These snakes, which are non-venomous, are common in the Reunion Island and Madagascar. The adult Dumeril’s Boas have an average length of six and a half feet though there are rare cases of some growing up to a length of two hundred and fifty nine centimeters. The male Dumeril Boas have flat tails while the female boas appear larger in structure.The coats of the Dumeril Boa have grey-brown tints with darker patches, which form a camouflage when the snake slithers past leaf litters.

Dumeril Boas Are Beautiful Creatures

Dumeril Boa

Facts About Dumeril Boas

Geographic Location

These snakes are common in Mascarenes, which is in Reunion Island and Madagascar.


These snakes live in semi-arid habitats, which receive very little rainfall.


The Dumeril Boa feed on small animals such as lizards, birds and other small mammal; the Boa dumerili also feed on other smaller snakes.


These snakes mature sexually from the age of three to five years; the male Dumeril Boa has the anal spurs that they use when courting females The Boa dumerili mate from the month of March through to May; they give birth to their young ones six or eight months later. The female Boa dumerili deliver six to twenty eight live boas per litter. The snakes measure between twelve and eighteen inches long.


Restriction of the trade of the Boa dumerili has assisted in preserving these species, which are becoming extinct. Even when in captivity, the Boa dumerili are very prolific and this implies that a person should keep both the male and female Boa dumerili in captivity to allow copulation to take place. As much they appear vicious, they are quite docile in nature; these snakes are likely to experience stress, which can cause a Dumerili Boa to stop feeding completely. If this continues, the health of the Boa dumerili may become poor.

Dumeril Boa
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.