Olive Python

Scientific Name: Liasis Olivaceus

Olive Python

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This is a large non-venomous snake. An average adult is approximately 4 meters in length. It has a distinguishably smooth skin compared to other pythons. It has few scales on the ventral side of the body. The Olive Python has a uniform brown color on the upper side of the body while the abdomen is cream colored. People tend to confuse this species of python with Pseu Python, which is venomous. Olive Pythons are very active during the night therefore they are nocturnal snakes. The scientific name of Olive Python is Liasis olivaceus

Olive Pythons Are Beautiful Creatures

Olive Python

Facts About Olive Pythons

Geographic Location

Olive Pythons are not widely distributed compared to other pythons because they are only common in Australia. Possible areas of finding them are Western Australia, northern Australia in addition to Queensland.


Olive Pythons live in rocky areas, caves, crevices and in gorges. They prefer to live near water sources such as rivers and springs. Environmentalists have also located them within abandoned mammal burrows and under rocks.


Olive Pythons have a similar feeding behaviour with other pythons because they feed on birds, small reptiles and birds. They have strong belly muscles that enable them to climb trees to hunt birds in nests. Their strong belly muscles and tail aid them to swim effectively. They have a unique hunting strategy because they attack their prey from below water.


Olive Pythons have an oviparous reproduction method where females lay large number of eggs. Their gestation period ranges from 81-85 days depending on weather conditions. The female has strong muscles that produce incubation heat, which aids in egg hatching.  Incubation lasts for 50 days and hatchlings have an average length of 35 cm.


Poachers hunt the Olive Python because of its stunning and fine skin therefore; Olive Pythons face the risk of extinction. Since they lack poisonous venom, they are readily captured and used for pets.

Olive Python
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.