Eastern Garter Snake

Scientific Name: Thamnophis Sirtalis Sirtalis

Eastern Garter Snake

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The Eastern Garter Snake is a snake endemic to the rocky Virginia state in America. It is non-venomous and goes by Eastern Garter Snake as its common name. Scientifically, the snake is known as Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis. The Eastern Garter Snake is a medium sized snake with stripes along its body and displays a variation of different colors. Many of these snakes have a brown, green, grey background color with three yellow stripes running longitudinally on their bodies. There are black blotches between the yellow stripes and this makes them look checkered. Their bellies can be green, yellow or white. Adults of this species measure two to four feet in length.

Eastern Garter Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Eastern Garter Snake

Facts About Eastern Garter Snakes

Geographic Location

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis exist mostly throughout the state of Virginia except in the area around the barrier islands.


Most Eastern Garter Snakes are found in Mountainous regions as they usually hibernate in caves during winter. The snakes are terrestrial and can be found in upland and lowland grassland, in pine forests and hardwood, balds, abandoned fields and along water bodies. Some live in suburban gardens, around houses and barns.


These types of snakes normally feed on various insects, millipedes, earthworms frogs, salamanders and toads. These snakes are usually active through the day. They hibernate in the months of October until March or the beginning of April. They hibernate in burrows, under piles of rocks, or stumps. Some members are known to be solitary but later go to meet others when hibernating. The Eastern Garter Snake uses thermoregulation to control body temperature.


The females of the Eastern Garter Snake are viviparous and give birth to six or up to fifty young ones in mid to late summer. The neonates are usually abandoned after birth and naturally fend for themselves.


They can be kept in captivity, as they are not non-venomous.

Eastern Garter Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.