Bluestripe Ribbon Snake

Scientific Name: Thamnophis Sauritus Nitae

Bluestripe Ribbon Snake

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The Bluestripe Ribbon Snake is a non-venomous and a semi aquatic snake, that is very similar to the thamnophis sauritus sackenii also known as the Peninsula Ribbon Snake. They have an average length ranging between eighteen and twenty-five inches. The greatest length recorded was thirty inches. They have slender bodies and blue-olive or blue-black skin colors; they also have two sky-blue stripes running along the sides of their bodies. They also have white flecking above their lateral stripes, which shimmer when they bask under the sun. They have a white spot above their eyes and their bellies have a green tint; their tails are very long and they constitute one third of a snake’s length. They have round pupils, which are comparable to both juveniles and adults.

Bluestripe Ribbon Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Bluestripe Ribbon Snake

Facts About Bluestripe Ribbon Snakes

Geographic Location

Blue Stripe Ribbon Snakes are common in Florida, especially around the Gulf.


Blue Stripe Ribbon Snakes inhabit the same environment as the Peninsula Ribbon Snakes. In this habitat, they occupy hardwood hammocks, prairies, cypress strands, streams, bogs and ponds. Blue Stripe Ribbon Snakes immerse themselves in water during the summer season in order to cool their bodies. One may find them in their backyard during the rainy season as they look to occupy warmer environments.


Blue Stripe Ribbon Snakes feed on frogs, earthworms, salamanders and small fishes. They swallow their prey when whole and then crush them using their trunk muscles.


The male and female snakes breed or mate between the month of April and June; the female snakes are less active during this period and they depend on the male snakes for provision of food. Female Blue Stripe Ribbon Snakes give birth after a period of three months.


Ribbon Snakes in general, make good pets as well. These snakes are very quiet. A tank with a capacity of 10 gallons will do well for one ribbon snake.

Bluestripe Ribbon Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.