Rough Scaled Python

Scientific Name: Morelia Carinata

Rough Scaled Python

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Rough Scaled Python is a non-venomous species of python mainly found in Australia. It currently has no subspecies. The external skin has rough scales hence the name with dark brown coloration with pale and darker patches. It has larger patches towards the tail. The head is triangular and constricted at the neck region and the skin texture is rough. It is classified as one of the rarest reptiles in Australia The Rough Scaled Python commonly lives in crevices, cracks and in-between rocks. An adult grows to about 2.5 meters long with keeled scales with the male appearing smaller than the female. It has eyes directed forward perhaps for clear binocular vision and focus on prey. Its prevalence in medium size makes it resemble other Australian pythons. Among the known reptiles, it has the longest fangs especially in relation to its body size.

Rough Scaled Pythons Are Beautiful Creatures

Rough Scaled Python

Facts About Rough Scaled Pythons

Geographic Location

Rough Scaled Python is found in the northwestern regions of Australia particularly the lower parts of the Hunter and Mitchell rivers.


It is restricted to the monsoon rainforest in Western Australia and the northwestern Kimberley region. It is among the snakes with the smallest distribution usually living on top of trees, shrubs and within sandstone caves and hunts at twilight or total darkness.


The reptile is usually active at twilight as a behavioral adaptation. It remains calm and docile and seldom shows any aggression.


It mates mostly in the month of July or August. The female lays about ten eggs and coils around them for warmth until they hatch. However, like other egg-layer reptiles, the female does not take care of the young after hatching.


The Rough Scaled Python is still rare in captivity. They conform well in captivity and popular among pet owners as agile and playful creatures. It breeds readily in captivity and feeds on rats and mice.

Rough Scaled Python
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