Wandering Garter Snake

Scientific Name: Thamnophis Elegans Vagrans

Wandering Garter Snake

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The Wandering Garter Snake is a snake with a dull gray appearance. It got the name from the fact that it tends to travel further away from water in comparison to other garter snakes. It has slender and stretched out body with eight scales on the upper labial, the lateral stripes are diffused and towards the second and the third rows. It is a non-venomous reptile; this is despite the fact that it has toxic saliva that that is used to immobilize prey. They are commonly found in high altitudes and ranging from West Coast to Prairies and Rocky Mountains. This species of snake feeds on fish, amphibians, invertebrates and small mammals. While it tends to be non-venomous, its bite usually elicits an unpleasant reaction on the human body though it is not deadly. An adult measures up to 43 inches and the head wider than neck. It readily keeps off from any physical conflict.

Wandering Garter Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Wandering Garter Snake

Facts About Wandering Garter Snakes

Geographic Location

This species of snake is found in different regions of California on the east of southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, the eastern Siskiyou counties, Canada, New Mexico, Nevada, parts of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Washington


It lives in a variety of habitats such as sagebrush, forests, grassy meadows, and aquatic regions.


This species is diurnal but more likely to be found around water. When threatened, this snake hides in vegetation or seeks ground cover. It bites when picked up and occasionally releases musk to scare enemies.


This reptile mates and breeds in spring and the female give birth to young ones between July and September. The female bears 10 to 15 young ones under normal conditions.


The Wandering Garter Snake is gentle and humble this makes a perfect pet in captivity. It avoids confrontation and withdraws readily.

Wandering Garter Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.