Red-sided Garter Snake

Scientific Name: Thamnophis Sirtalis Parietalis

Red-sided Garter Snake

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The Red-Sided Garter snake features coloring hues that range from brown green to black and a dorsal stripe that is light. Big red spots adorn its sides. In the more northern reaches of their geographical range, hibernation occurs for three to five months while mating occurs in the Spring and Fall seasons. The young are born between August and September.

Red-sided Garter Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Red-sided Garter Snake

Facts About Red-sided Garter Snakes

Geographic Location

This sub species of the garter snake can be located in the area from the Mexican territory of Chihuahua to the Canadian territory of the Yukon. The area occurs at an elevation of eight thousand feet above sea level.


This snake can be found near water such as lakes, streams or ponds but can also be located far from water bodies.


Diet usually consists of small rodents, fish, toads, worms, spiders, and various insects. This snake can withstand extremely cold conditions, and is actually known to have survived freezing temperatures.


Young specimens of this snake accept worms or small fish during maturation, as they mature within a year or two of being born.


Suitable for the beginner snake keepers, as they are easy to feed, maintain and handle. They are also active during the day, which most other snakes are not. When feeding, the diet items should be varied, as this snake will die if fed on nothing the same food. Freshly killed or live fish is a favorite of the Red-Sided Garter snake. One should maintain temperatures of about twenty-five degrees centigrade optimally, with a heating spot at the other end of the terrarium, of about thirty degrees centigrade. Large water bowls in a wet area, as well as provision of a dry area are ideal for this species, as well as a climbing frame.

Red-sided Garter Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.