Baja Gopher Snake

Scientific Name: Pituophis Melanoleucus Bimaris

Baja Gopher Snake

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The Baja Gopher Snakes, which are non-venomous belong to the pituophis genus, and are colubrid snakes found in regions such as the western parts of Mexico. Due to their docile and non-aggressive nature, these snakes are ideal to keep as pets. These snakes exhibit a wild array of colors. They also have pattern variations on their slender bodies. They have H-shaped orange patterns on their bodies, on a yellow background. The shape of the patterns change towards the tail as the color of the patterns and background darken. Some Baja Gophers have black stripes, which change into blotches that are common with the snakes in vertebralis family. The adult snakes measure between thirty-six and sixty-six inches while the hatchlings measure between twelve inches and eighteen inches long.

Baja Gopher Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Baja Gopher Snake

Facts About Baja Gopher Snakes

Geographic Location

Ballenas Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico


These snakes subsist in diverse environments such as semi-arid areas, tropical forests, desert shores and arid scrubs. This gopher snake habits the dry areas ot the Baja California. Here are elevations from coast beaches up to mountain tips in aprox. 3000m. A central part of the distribution area is the Sonora desert, exactly the Vizcaino desert. This area is not completely dry because of moist air comes from the Pacific ocean and wets the landscapes in the morning. Because of this there grow a lot of vegetation compared to other desert.


When threatened these snakes, flatten their heads and hiss while vibrating their tails. These snakes hiss like the rattlesnakes thus, if one does cannot tell the difference, one may think it is a rattlesnake. Young Baja Gopher Snakes are very aggressive and easily agitated. Their temperament depends on the individual snake though it is common to spot a young snake striking frequently at moving objects. The aggressive behavior grows fainter as the snakes mature; instead, they become docile and rarely strike at moving objects. Baja Gopher Snakes are extremely nervous snakes especially when one tries to handle them; they remain motionless for the first few minutes and then squirm before calming down again. These snakes mainly feed on small rodents such as rats or mice; they also feed on birds and their eggs. Young Baja Gopher Snakes feed on earthworms and other small insects due to their inability to swallow large chunks of food.


The reproduction of this subspecies will not be different to the subspecies vertebralis.


This snake is mostly found in the wild and hasn’t been domesticated for captivity.

Baja Gopher Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.