Diadem Rat Snake

Scientific Name: Spalerosophis Diadema Clifford

Diadem Rat Snake

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Diadem Rat Snakes, are mainly found in Africa, the Middle East and India are non- venomous Rat Snake species that are becoming increasingly popular in the pet trade. They are known as Spalerosophis diadema clifford scientifically while their common names are Diadem Rat snakes, Royal Diadem Snake and Egyptian rat snake. There are two subspecies of this snake species. Adult Diadem Rat Snakes are stunningly beautiful. The background color on their body is salmon orange and is usually covered with black blemishes on the neck region as well as on the head. Spalerosophis diadema clifford adult snakes measure between four to four and half feet. Adults are heavily built as well.

Diadem Rat Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Diadem Rat Snake

Facts About Diadem Rat Snakes

Geographic Location

Their geographical range stretches all the way from Northern Africa, the Middle East and into India.


The Diadem Ratsnake tends to occur in arid and hot places hence their widespread distribution in Northern Africa and Central Asia.


The Diadem Rat Snakes are not passive by any means thus, in essence touching or handling a Diadem Ratsnake could elicit some hostile or violent behavior. Juvenile Diadem Rat Snakes can be quite aggressive but can turn out to be calm with regular handling. Aggressive displays consist of striking, biting and hissing. They are however, intelligent, active, and curious


The female Diadem Ratsnake produce their young ones around June each year so long as they are provided with a lengthy photoperiod and are introduced to a male.


With heating, weekly feeding programs, decent sized cage, water and simple substrate; one will not find it difficult to maintain an Egyptian Rat Snake in captivity. The snakes easily trust their captors and hence it makes their captors work easy. In captivity, these snakes will eat anything as long as it is of reasonable size.

Diadem Rat Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.