Zoo Med Repti Sun T5 5.0 High Output UVB Bulb


  • Stronger UVB and Brighter Light: Twice as strong as standard ReptiSun® 5.0 Lamps!
  • Increased UVB Output: Perfect for larger reptile habitats (see lamp distance notes on package).
  • Helps to prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease commonly seen in captive reptiles.
  • Used and recommended by Zoos, Veterinarians, and top reptile professionals.
  • High quality Made in Germany.

Note: Can only be used with the T5 Hoods

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Stronger UVB and brighter light. Increased UVB output and much more efficient. Zoo Med Repti-Sun UVB Bulbs are the #1 used UVB bulb for reptiles in the US and the #1 recommended too!