Zoo Med T8 NatureSun (ReptiSun 2.0) UVB Bulb


  • NatureSun® provides beneficial UVA which stimulates feeding, breeding and other natural behaviors.
  • Provides light that is similar to Natural Daylight.
  • C.R.I. (Color Rendering Index) of 98.
  • Color Temperature: 6500K (Kelvin) for maximum viewing pleasure of your animals.
  • High quality bulbs made in Germany.
  • The NatureSun® was previously known as the ReptiSun® 2.0 (ES-15)
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Zoo Med’s NatureSun® is a Full Color Spectrum daylight fluorescent lamp with a CRI of 98 that will bring out the true colors of your reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, and birds while promoting terrarium plant growth. Provides pure, natural light for any size terrarium without substantial amounts heat. Available in many sizes they fit into any of our standard florescent fixtures. These bulbs are ideal for amphibians, arachnids, and for daytime viewing of snakes and non-basking herps.