Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snake

Scientific Name: Pantherophis guttatus fantasy

Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snake

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The Amelanistic Fantasy Corn snake is a member of the corn snake family. The snake is called a ˜corn snake because its belly resembles corn. The snake has a white background with brown or orange broken blotches running along its back. It has the amelanistic genetic gene, which makes it lack the black skin pigment. This leaves the snake with shades of white, orange and yellow. The species come in different patterns and colors. The moderate adult size of the Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snake is 4 to 6 feet long.

Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snakes Are Beautiful Creatures

Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snake

Facts About Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snakes

Geographic Location

This snake species is common in the USA and in the UK where they are commonly known as the Fantasy Corn.


This species prefers habitats like trees, forests, abandoned buildings and overgrown fields.


The snake is naturally docile and reluctant to bite in most instances. It is non-venomous like all the other corn snakes. The species hibernates in winter but in more temperate weather, it shelters in log and rock clefts and when it is cold, it warms up in the sun. It is generally less active in cold weather. The diet of the snake primarily comprises of rodents. It is a brilliant escape artist often escaping from any enclosure not fastened properly.


The snake breeds shortly after winter when the male courts the female with chemical and tactile cues. Egg laying begins at about a month after mating with 12 -24 eggs laid in a warm, hidden and moist location. The eggs have an oblong shape with a flexible and leathery shell. About ten weeks after egg laying, the young fantasy corn snakes crawl out of the shell approximately 5 inches long.


They can make excellent pets because they are easy to look after and those in captivity normally live for up to 25 years. This is one of the first snakes to be kept in captivity by humans.

Amelanistic Fantasy Corn Snake
Snakes can’t bite food so they have to swallow it whole.