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Rock Python

rock python smallCommon Name: Rock Python
Scientific Name: Python sebae

Information Sheet - Rock Python



The Rock Python is a non-venomous, beautiful and large python species found in the Sub-Saharan part of Africa. Its common names include Rock Python, African Rock Python and African python while it is known as Python sebae scientifically. So far, two subspecies are recognised.


Rock Pythons are very large and adults measure about sixteen to twenty feet in length. There are records of thirty-two feet species in Bingerville, Ivory cost .The Rock Python’s color pattern is normally brown with  tan and olive with uneven blotching which fades to white on its underside

Geographic range:

One can find this snake in sub-Saharan Africa; Senegal, Somalia, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda , Chad, Central African Republic, Togo , Cameroon, Rwanda , Angola , Sudan, North eastern  South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Burundi , Namibia, Mali , Guinea , Sierra Leone, Liberia Ivory Coast , Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea , Upper Volta, Ghana and Botswana.rock python large


The Rock Python’s natural habitat is Savannah and grasslands that are near sources of water, and near the perimeters of forests. It can also be located in or next to cane fields.


These snakes estivate in the hot and dry seasons as they highly depend on water sources. They are also known to be very unpredictable, strong and aggressive. When it comes to feeding habits, these snakes are known to have voracious appetites.


Females of this species reproduce in the spring and lay a hundred eggs per clutch. Incubation takes two to three months. The young ones measure between forty five to sixty centimeters. 


In captivity, they should be kept away from others as they a carry a virus and can infect other species. Can attack and should not be kept in house holds with children and the elderly. One can keep it for twenty-five years; however, it will escape when an opportunity arises. The rock python is an extremely ninja like snake.