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Common Name: Pythons
Scientific Name: P. molurus

A Little Bit About Pythons:

Pythons are among some of the most beautiful snakes. Many python subspecies are kept captive and can live for well over 15 years. It's common for most python terrariums to have branches for the snakes to dwell on due to the fact that pythons love to climb. Pythons are found all over the world. If you view some of the subspecies below you'll find specific geographical pythons.

Pythons contain one of the most captive snake species: The Ball Python - a simple python who curls into a ball when threatened. Pythons growth ranges from as small as 2-3 feet to as large as 20-25 feet.

Alphabetical Pythons Article Listings

» Amethystine Python » Ball Python » Black-headed Python
» Boelen's Python » Borneo Blood Python » Burmese Python
» Burrowing Python » Centralian Python » Childrens Python
» Coastal Carpet Python » Diamond Python » Green Tree Python
» Indian Python » Inland Carpet Python » Jungle Carpet Python
» Macklot's Python » Malaysian Blood Python » Olive Python
» Pygmy Python » Reticulate Python » Ringed Python
» Rock Python » Rough Scaled Python » Spotted Python
» Suratram Blood Python » Timor Python » White Lipped Python