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Common Name: Kingsnake
Scientific Name: Lampropeltis getulus

A Litt Bit About Kingsnakes:

Kingsnake, one of the most beautiful snakes and are very popular and easily kept in captivity. Mediocre sized and usually quite docile, these snakes appeal to the beginner as well as to the experienced herpetoculturist. kingsnakes or "king snakes" are commonly kept in captivity due to the share factor that they are gorgeous snakes which are easy to take care of. has done its best to provide the world with a kingsnake database for all. If you have any comments/reccomendations please feel free to utilize our sudjestion tool to submit your information.

Alphabetical Kingsnake Article Listings

» Albino Cali Kingsnake » Arizonia Mountain Kingsnake » Black Kingsnake
» Brooks Kingsnake » California Kingsnake » Desert Kingsnake
» Dot-Dash Cali Kingsnake » Durango Mountain » Eastern Kingsnake
» Florida Kingsnake » Florida Mole Kingsnake » Goins Kingsnake
» Gray Banded Kingsnake » Mexican Black Kingsnake » Mole Kingsnake
» Prairie Kingsnake » Ruthenn's Kingsnake
» Scarlet Kingsnake
» Speckled Kingsnake » Utah Mountain Kingsnake » Variable Kingsnak