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Timers and Power Strips

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Safe Timers & Power Strips

"Don't leave the lights on, it wastes electricity." I'm sure we've all heard this at one point or another. Well that what timers are for. This great, innovative product shuts of the power to the lighting when you don't need it. These electronic savvy products can be your source to dealing with reptile lighting and electronics easily. Want a certain bulb to go on at night, then set it up with this time. Want it to turn off so that the day bulb can then do its job, well then set it on the timer. Want your alarm clock to go off at 9:00 am, then turn on the timer! (Joking) But for anything electronically related to your enclosure, your timer is your best friend.

Wires, wires everywhere. Fire hazards, fire hazards everywhere. This will eventually lead to firemen, firemen everywhere. Nobody wants that! That's where your power strips come into play. Plug in your heat bulbs, heat mats, basking rocks and whatever else you need to keep your herp warm. All of these reptile supplies need somewhere to be plugged into, and this power strip will be its new home!